At the start of March this year, I dropped off social media.

I stopped posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; blocked the sites on my browsers, deleted the apps from my phone. I didn't go as far as deleting the actual accounts, but I haven't been back since.

The main reason for leaving was the sheer volume of politics being shared by my social graph. As a left-leaning liberal SJW, my stream was a non-stop shit-show of Trump and Brexit outrage, and the constant reminder of how awful some segments of society can be to each other was causing me so much stress and anxiety that I decided my head would be better off buried in the sand for a few months.

Around the same time, I came to a decision that I would stop writing fiction. Although I've managed to write two novels and multiple short stories over the last five years, I've slowly come to the realisation that the future I thought I wanted was actually diametrically opposed to what makes me happy. So, I quit (and instead spent a pleasant few months doing little apart from playing video games and watching TV).

However, just recently I have realised that I miss having an outlet - somewhere to share random thoughts, opinions, and over-processed photos - so I am resurrecting Twitter and Instagram (not Facebook, which I now only use for messages) plus this blog, which has also been sorely neglected for more than a few years. While I don't intend to write any more fiction, I do pine for those early days of personal blogging, when I felt comfortable sharing a mere couple of sentences or a newly-discovered shortcut, and I'd love to recapture that feeling. We'll see.

One thing I will definitely be doing is ruthlessly culling my following list, in an attempt to avoid as many of those triggering political posts as possible. In fact, I'm half tempted to just delete everyone and start again...