Future of Web Design 2012

Later today I’l be jetting off yet again, bound for London and the Future of Web Design conference, taking place over the next two days.

Stuart Frisby and I will be there as part of the Booking.com recruitment bandwagon, handing out goodies and trying very hard to tempt the cream of the UK’s web design scene to up sticks and relocate to beautiful Amsterdam.

Hopefully we’ll be able to catch some of the talks while we’re there as well. I’m looking forward to hearing Brendan Dawes for the first time; Vitaly “Smashing Magazine” Friedman, Steve Fisher and Laura Kalbag will be the first non-Marcottes I’ve seen talk about Responsive; and the closing talks by Martin Beeby and Mark Boulton both promise to be inspiring.

If you’re attending, make sure to come and say hi – and if you overhear anyone complaining about their job, be sure to point them in our direction!

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