Facebook to stop RSS blog import to Notes from November 22

Well, that sucks. Facebook are currently displaying a notification at the top of my News page informing me that they will no longer support blog RSS imports as of November 22.

I can’t really see what the benefit of this decision is to Facebook. They will be losing a huge amount of content, all of which can be consumed within their application. Forcing bloggers, and other businesses that are automatically piping their RSS content through to their Facebook page, to manually recreate outgoing links can only lose them traffic and eyeballs for the ads that accompany content they display themselves.

There are a few applications and services that can recreate the Notes-import process, luckily (although I haven’t actually used any of these):

  • ping.fm is “a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap,” apparently, and looks pretty simple to set up;
  • Within Facebook itself there are a few apps such as My Blog Posts which provide similar functionality.
Curiously there is nothing on the FB blog announcing this change (as of this writing, at any rate). Any Facebook insiders want to explain what has motivated this decision?

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