Monthly Archives: January 2014

Resolutions, 2014

For the last two years, my New Year’s resolutions have been pretty similar. Make more stuff. Write more stuff. Something about fitness. It’s tempting to come up with something completely off the wall for 2014, and declare that I will learn to speak Russian or take up water-skiing. I think the fact that I will be turning forty towards the end of the year is another pressing factor; these arbitrary lines in the sand have such psychological meaning to us, despite the knowledge that there really is no significance to this age or that.

My 2013

Looking back at 2013, I think I did reasonably well with my resolutions for the year. I wanted to finish building my own GTD application, and I think I’m 80% of the way there. Ruck is a PHP-based system built on CodeIgniter; it’s missing a few pieces of functionality and needs a bit of polish, but it’s working well for what I want from a project/task management system. I haven’t done much work on it recently, as I think tackling the latency by converting it into a JavaScript-powered app is the next logical step, and that’s a little outside of my comfort zone at the moment.

Despite reading fewer actual books than I did in 2012, I still feel I did alright in terms of trying to “read more”. And “write more” was definitely a success, to the tune of 75,000 words plus over the course of the year in various places, including a couple of experimental articles on my new favourite place on the web,

My final resolution, “more varied fitness”, unfortunately didn’t really go anywhere. I went on a couple of bike rides and took the kids swimming most weekends, but I still mostly confined myself to running. I even had a couple of half-marathons planned until foot issues laid me up for the last couple of months of the year.

For 2014

  1. Take more photos. To start with I’m going to resurrect a resolution from 2012 which I never made much progress with. I’d like to take more photos, but carrying around a heavy SLR all the time is not really an option. However, this year I have a new favourite toy — my shiny new iPhone 5s — and with that high-quality camera constantly in my pocket, I have hopes that I can manage to take more photos than the odd Instagram of my dinner.
  2. Be a good role model. There are a bunch of different things I could put here — keeping myself fit and healthy, making the CodeClub I’m starting next week successful, being a better manager and leader at work — but I think this covers all of those plus a bit more besides.
  3. Do something different. Aside from the photos, all I ever seem to do is web-based. This year I should really try something else occasionally. I have no idea what that might be, though.

So, more conscious self-improvement? Or just another arbitrary list against which to judge myself in another year’s time? Time will tell.

Oh, and I think I might get a tattoo; it seems a more sensible way to act out a mid-life crisis than buying a motorbike.