Another revolution around the sun; another resolutions blog post.

Last year my list was a bit hand-wavey and vague—things I might do, but no concrete parameters for success. So this year I have hard targets; they will either get done, or they won't.

  1. Edit my novel: I finished the first draft of a novel back in March, but since then I haven't even looked at it (although to be fair I did write a screenplay in the meantime). So, 2015 is going to be The Year Of Editing, wherein I fix and expand on what I already have, in the hope of getting it into a state where I feel comfortable showing it to anyone else. But that's going to have to wait until at least March, because in February I plan to...
  2. Record an album: FAWM is February Album Writing Month, a NaNoWriMo for musicians, and for no particular reason I fancy having a crack at it this year. Although I listen to a lot of music, I haven't written any in almost twenty years; I plan to spend January learning how to use the various pieces of free music-making software I've accumulated over the years, and then we'll see what results.
  3. Exercise every day: Alright, maybe not every day, but any time I'm not feeling too ill to move I want to try to at least do a little exercise, whether that's running or a simple exercise series like the Scientific 7 Minute Workout. I spent a few months doing just that in the middle of last year, and the benefits are excellent—not just in terms of physical improvement, but in a general sense of well-being and positivity that can carry you through the entire day.

After reading about it on Medium a while back, I'm giving Coach.Me (née Lift) a try, setting daily exercise and writing goals and receiving prompts and encouragement from the app every day. I'm not convinced it is going to work for me, but it can't hurt to try.

So, those are my sticks in the ground for 2015. Oh, and I plan to read more than I managed last year, which shouldn't be hard...