It's somewhat later than usual (thanks to some post-Christmas house cleaning), but I'm finally sitting down to record some thoughts on the year just passed, take a look at how I did at last year's resolutions, and set down a handful of goals for the coming year.

2018 was a weird mixture of changes in outlook at home and at work. On the personal ambition front, I pretty much repeated 2017's abject failure to write beyond mid-March, and with that failure came to [what I hope will be] the conclusive decision to give up on writing fiction, at least for now. Instead, I spent six months doing nothing much beyond playing video games, until mid-October when I decided that some side projects were necessary to maintain my sanity and re-kickstarted the personal finance app idea I've been kicking around in some form for the best part of a decade. I also have some game ideas I want to work on, which means time spent learning Unity, another fun distraction, and have vowed to pick up my guitar more than once in a blue moon.

At work, I taught myself React and built a new CMS using it, which was fun, and 2019 looks like it's going to offer plenty of opportunities to stretch my design and development muscles. Speaking of which...

2019 resolutions

Last year's solitary resolution, to "cut down on depressing social media", went reasonably well; I avoided Twitter, Facebook and Instagram completely between March and September, and since returning have not felt nearly the same level of anxiety arising from being on those platforms.

For this year, I really want to focus on developing the skills and knowledge that one might assume I already have in spades after seventeen years working in web design: graphic and UI design. As an uneducated college drop-out who has always felt more comfortable nearer the development end of the web-dev spectrum, I constantly have to battle hardcore Imposter Syndrome whenever I go anywhere near Dribbble or Behance, so spending time educating myself about the principles of graphic design and practicing their execution (as well as updating my HTML and CSS knowledge) is long overdue.

I also, after vacillating between far too many potential side projects last year, want to actually finish something. I realised that it's not possible to work on three or four things at once, especially when they involve learning new skills, so in 2019 I'm only going to work on one project at a time ... but do that until it's finished.